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New Original Ideas for sexy costumes for Couples


Couples costumes are a hit. Sexy costumes are a hit. What could be better than combining the two and discovering some sexy couple costumes to wear for this Halloween?

But some people run into problems. If you have spent any time on the internet looking for couples costumes you may have been running across some of the same ones time after time. You will almost always see the plug and socket outfit or the rather silly looking Adam and Eve outfit. While those were cute for a while, I think they have just about run their course.

On the other hand, while you are looking for a sexy outfit, you may be running into the types that really should be left to the exotic dancer category rather than a fun way for you and your partner to spend an evening at a Halloween party or even at home after the kids are off to bed.

Given that there are literally hundreds of choices it seems a shame that these two options seem to be the two predominant results of searches for sexy costumes for couples.

Hopefully you’ll find a place online where you can get some other ideas and even spur you on to creating your own combinations out of all the wonderful fun sexy costumes that are available. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The Butler and the French Maid

There are dozens of versions of a French Maid to choose from so there won’t be any danger of your partner getting you mixed up with another French Maid. Of course Sexy costumes the guy doesn’t have to be a Butler either. Pair the French Maid with the Southern Gentleman or a Gentleman in Tailcoats or even the Midnight Stalker. Once you’ve discovered all the costumes that are available and gotten a few ideas to get you started, you can choose something that fits just right for the two of you.

Sexy costumes and Playboy Bunnies

Although this may sound rather ordinary once you start looking around you’ll discover just how many unique ideas you can come up with just this basic idea as a starting point. You can start with the Men’s Smoking Jacket costume with the Playboy logo for the man. As for the ladies costume in this pair there are traditional playboy bunny costumes like the one coming out of the top hat. But do a search on the costume site for playboy costumes and you come up with over 35 official Playboy costumes in several different genres like police, gangster, maid, even a Playboy angel and Playboy witch costumes. Are you beginning to get the idea? There are so many ways to combine these wonderful costumes to create unique sexy couple costumes.

Football Costumes

The sexy men’s Tight End Costume will get you started. Pair that up with something like the women’s sexy wide receiver or the Sexy Referee costume. There are sexy tackle me costumes, touchdown costumes as well as a sexy Dallas cheerleaders costume.

Of course there are some costumes that are just really current this year and there’s nothing wrong with pairing them up in more traditional ways. Get one of these pairs that are super hot this year and you’ll be ahead of the curve while the other party goers are still stuck in the plug and socket stage.

Batman Costumes

Even though it’s been a while since the latest movie came out, the Batman theme, especially the Dark Knight costumes are popular and current.

What Will Sex Toy Makers Come Up With Next?

Sex Toy

I have worked for a sex toy retailer for nearly six years. In these six years, I even have been exposed to numerous different sorts of sex toys. I still wow me on what the sex toy manufacturers can come up with. Before I worked for the sex toy business, I used to be not too familiar with the variability of available adult products. Most of the vibrators that individuals are conversant in are lifelike looking vibrators that resemble a true penis, the rabbit-style vibrators, and therefore the pocket rockets. Sex toys have gone beyond the rabbit vibes or the pocket rockets.

There are a mess of toys that range from sex toys that are discreet and don’t appear as if a sex toy, to an ultra-powerful, and pricey for a few, Sybian Sex-Machine. one of my main job functions is to require photos of the new products and put them on the online site. My position has enabled me to urge a primary-hand check out a number of the foremost interesting adult products that are available on the market. Here are some samples of the foremost interesting sex toys that I even have an encounter in my job supported product design and/or features.

For the individuals that stress the utmost importance indiscretion, some products resemble your day item like this one

The Incognito Lipstick Vibrator will accompany any complexion. to work the vibrator, you switch the bottom and surprise, surprise, you’ll activate the multi-speed vibrations. Whether you’re always on the go or want to conceal your preferred mode of delight, the Incognito vibrator may be a very discreet sort of vibrator.

The G spot Vibrator will move your body to the music, no joke. This vibrator buzzes to the sound of your music! Between your rockin beats and good vibrations, this vibe can send you on your thanks to orgasmic heaven. The vibrator plugs right into your iPod, and once you switch on the music, the vibrator is activated. 

Once you turn the quantity wheel up, the intensity of the vibrations increase

The iRide from Doc Johnson makes the foremost interesting list of sex toys that I even have worked with. For those that want the entire hand’s free experience, the iRide could also be your product of choice. The padded seat is curved abreast of both ends so you’ll rock it back and forth while you’re enjoying your excursion. This toy features a similar concept to the Sybian sex machine and luxuriates in hands-free pleasure. However, the dildo is attached and not interchangeable. The iRide features two individual motors, one to stimulate the vaginal region and therefore the other located for clitoral stimulation. The user can choose from three vibration intensities.

When you were a tough kid, you’ll have had a rubber duckie that you simply played within the bathtub. The rubber duckie that I’m thinking of isn’t for any kid and is strictly for adult use. The I Rub My Duckie is another product that I found to be very interesting. This cute little duck also moonlights as a vibrator. The I Rub My Duckie is waterproof, so you’ll add a wet and wild adventure to your tub or shower time. As innocent because the I Rub My Duckie appears, its purpose is for more sinfully delightful uses. The I Rub My Duckie features one speed and is activated by pressing on the duckie’s back.

The We-Vibe II is another interesting sex toy. This product is often worn and used during sexual activity. This U shaped pleasure toy is inserted into your vagina to rest on your G-spot and therefore the other end rests on your clitoris, providing dual stimulation. This product has two independent motors and has nine modes of vibration functions, from a constant vibration to pulsating and escalation modes. The WE-Vibe II conforms to your body and has no wires or straps that you simply need to hold. it’s also designed to remain put, even while during sexual activity.

These toys are just samples of a number of the foremost interesting sex toys that I even have seen in my job. it’s truly exciting to ascertain what the manufacturers come up with. With all the adult toys on the market, it’s not a surprise that the manufacturers always attempt to come up with something new and different to spark the interest of the pleasure-seeking consumer. within the end, all of the products have one singular goal…to give you an unforgettable orgasm.

Penis Extender Systems That Work -Reviews of pocket pussies

Penis Extender Systems

Is it possible to form your penis larger than its current state? This is often one among the questions which most men often ask. they’re fairly curious about any of the available penis extender systems because all they need is an improved sexual satisfaction level for them and their respective partners. With this at hand, their level of self-confidence likewise heightens. So if you’re bothered by your tiny penis, there’s no reason for you to hesitate. Various systems within the market are proven safe and effective. Now you’ll enlarge your penis and feel easier together with your sense of manhood.

A Brief Reason for Second Thoughts

One of the explanations on why the penis extender systems aren’t yet 100 percent proven is thanks to the very fact that the market is usually crammed with small enterprises rather than big industries. This then tells you that you simply will have a tough time specifying the acceptable system and merchandise which will work best to your favor. because it goes, Reviews of pocket pussies penis enlargement doesn’t happen overnight. you’ve got to exert your full effort, patience, also as diligence to realize the length that you simply really desire for.

The Available Penis Enlargement Systems

There are various techniques available for you. 

-Penis enlargement pills. this is often thus far the foremost common especially since these products are being endorsed through the media system. they do not come very costly and call no effort on your part. you only need to take the pill a day. However, there are not any scientific studies that claim one product’s efficacy because it is merely made from the herbal extracts.

Reviews of pocket pussies- Read on and familiarize yourself with them

-Penis extenders. These are the devices that will be worn inside the trousers or pants for several hours daily. Exercising the penis will certainly show the specified results.

-Surgeries. Surely, surgery is usually the last option. This is often the foremost expense of all the penis enlargement systems today. Doctors give this because of the previous choice especially when there are other techniques which will be tried, too.

Reasons on why the Penis Extender Systems are Favored

There are several reasons why men favor the utilization of several penis extender products and techniques. Here they’re.

-Effectiveness. Surveys mean that the system is clinically supported and much endorsed by the doctors.

-Enlargement. Patients get to enjoy between 30% up to 40% enlargement with their manhood.

-Swift results. The enlargement normally becomes obvious between six up to eight months of use.

-Safe and proven. The system is by and enormous safe and effective. That’s why it matters that you simply find the proper product which will not in any way harm or irritate your penis.

-Affordable. Say goodbye to the skyrocketing prices of the past. there’s something that you simply can trust together with your money.

To furthermore enjoy a satisfying result, you ought to take time to research the penis enlargement systems that are popularly favored online, effective, and safe at the least cost.

What Are The Different Types of Hair Extensions and big tits porn videos?

big tits porn videos

Head of hair extensions are strands of your hair that are repaired to the average head of hair to incorporate size and volume levels and big tits porn videos. You might have noticed actresses often adjusting hairstyles. They weave devices to improve. They appear in addition to add more illustrates and various styles for their hair.

Forms of the head of hair extensions

There are two types – human-made and organic. These could be instead high priced than synthetic, but they are excellent if you would like to weave them to make them appearance all-natural.

Oriental locks are coarse, and it is, as a result, less expensive. European hair typically is the priciest due to its okay consistency. It will always be dealt with and checked soon after very much like your own. It s a suitable assortment actually if you want to use hair accessories commonly, However, they tend to stay with each other and thus need specialist remedies. You need to use top quality shampoos and conditioners as well.

Synthetic extensions are less costly. However, it is not effortless to make them match the texture of one’s real head of hair. Furthermore, they tend to have matted, especially while in shampooing. Moreover, you can’t type them using a dryer. Then again, these are an excellent substitute if you have to change your appearance without spending a lot of money frequently.

Strategies for locks extensions and big tits porn videos

It is feasible to choose from different strategies if you wish to weave devices.

Clip-on extensions would be the variety that problems your hair the least and therefore are the best to make use. Independent, the hair commencing right on the nape of the neck area and function upwards, Clip-in the head of hair strands in line with the preferred amount. Open up the clips and click them on your go. You can even make use of clip onto add spotlight to the locks.

Weaves are tiny braids that happen to be weaved straight into your all-natural braid. You will find strings that can cause a path together that your hair extensions are braided. Because you’re personal your hair will need for the weave mounted on, you need moderate to dense natural hair. Designs can be unpleasant basically because they produce tension around the brain too. You can also be mindful while washing or swimming.

Enclosed head of hair extensions closed about the head of hair. The hair wills likely section and extensions plaited in. A binding representative will then be applied to seal inside the extension. Just before they should redo, these extensions can last for around four a few months. You want a professional with this particular alternative, as it is out of the question to get it done yourself.

Fusion is undoubtedly an additional approach to weave hair extensions. Strands of the head of hair covered with warmed healthy proteins glue, then it can be linked to the regular locks. There’s a plastic design that distinguishes parts of your hair.  It may be a lengthy process.

There are lots of sorts of locks add-ons on sale. So that you can protect their appearance and sheen when accomplished, take care of the head of hair add-ons properly.

Some facts about Hair Extensions and fetish girl sex

fetish girl sex

The history of hair extension ways will be copied back to the Egyptian times. Then, it’s been one in every of the foremost in style ways of well-to-do and fetish girl sex. What sets this method as a category apart is that it permits one to seem smart with minimal effort.

Different ways of hair integration

The most unremarkable identified method of hair integration is, in fact, the ‘track and sew’ method. This is often the strategy of group action wefts. Here, the tracks square measure decorated during the direction of the approach the hair can fall. These tracks produce the inspiration of the approach the ultimate result can look. Then the wefts square measure seamed within the braids usually with the assistance of a special blunt terminated needle. You’ll have a variety of various colors once it involves the threads. So, you’ll select the one that enhances the hair color. However, you have got to stay in mind that if the hair gets decorated at high tension, you’ll suffer from traction phalacrosis.

Also, there’s the Invisible hair weave for the industrial hair and fetish girl sex, special bonding with glue and lots of different ways that square measure utilized in specific things.

Sources of hair

There square measure differing kinds of sources and every one of them are specifically helpful to completely different people. This is often why you ought to forever consult specialists before selecting any specific possibility.

In a previous couple of years, several brides square measure exploitation hair extension specialist to themselves a replacement glam look on their day

Benefits of Human Hair Extensions and fetish girl sex

You will little doubt comply with the very fact that there’s an excellent demand for long and delightful hair. It’s a matter of nice time and energy to grow this long and delightful hair. Since today’s busy schedule doesn’t permit you to grant such a lot of time to your hair, the simplest approach is to travel for the small pick hair extensions. There square measure many advantages of the human hair extensions of any kind.

Instant long hair

If you’re keen to possess long hair in your next date however don’t have time to grow it, you’ll forever select the extensions. They’re going to very enhance the wonder of your hair giving an extended and natural look. It’ll particularly be helpful if you have got latterly started losing hair.

Variety: Get a modified Look

You will get varieties within the human hair extensions. This square measure out there in numerous shades and colors which may complement the natural look of your hair. Except for color, you’d additionally get varieties within the texture, length, and volume of those hairs. This may permit you to urge a modified look and impress folks all promptly.

Human hair extensions will last while not maintenance for 3 to four months. Thus, it will be the proper alternative for fashion lovers World Health Organization wish to seem smart with minimal efforts.

Bad Habits that are destroying your blonde sex styles Hair Extensions

blonde sex styles

blonde sex styles

Human hair extensions are beautiful, soft strands slipping through your fingers like silk. You spend a lot of money on extensions to ensure that you get that perfect blonde sex styles, gorgeous look always. But if you are noticing any damage to your hair extension for a while, then don’t check just for the hair extensions quality, but also for the daily habits and environmental factors around you.

Might be you are the mortal enemies of hair extensions. So, read on to know about them and develop habits that can keep them at bay!

1. Presence of Pollutants in the Air — Smog, smoke, fumes, and other kinds of air pollutants settle on your hair extensions and form a layer above them. This hampers their appearance and makes them look dull and dusty. Besides damaging the appearance of hair extensions, these air pollutants can dry the extensions. So, if you have any bad habit of smoking or you reside in a highly polluted region, then it is better to cover your extensions with a silk cloth always and avoid smoking.

2. Improper Washing Habits — Both over-washing and under-washing your hair extensions can cause severe damage to them. If you do not wash your blonde sex styles extensions properly, then they will look bad, dirty, smell awful, and appear dull and lifeless. On the other hand, if you over-wash the extensions, then this will extract the moisture from them and will make them dry. So, the best way out is to wash your extensions once in a week to maintain their good health and appearance.

3. Using Harsh and Over-drying Products — your hair stylist must have counseled you to use moisture rich shampoos and conditioners that are paraben and alcohol-free. It is because products with high alcohol content are harsh to the extensions can result in their severe damage. So, make sure you are gentle on your extensions and use sulfate-free and phosphate-free hair extension cleansers.

Always check blonde sex styles product labels before using them

4. Trimming or Cutting the Extensions — Cutting or trimming the extensions is a good way to maintain the extensions. But overdoing this practice will leave you with damaged hairs with low length. If you follow this practice regularly, then it is essential to hydrate your hair using essential natural hair oils. This will make sure that your extensions do not get damaged and are free from all sorts of harmful radicals.

5. Inadequate Handling — you must have brought smooth, cuticle-free, and silky hair extensions. But if you fail to handle them properly, they will become frizzy, lack shine, and even lead to more tangles. Therefore, you need to give a gentle touch to your extensions. Use brushes and combs that with wide teeth. Also, use bobby pins, rubber bands, or other hair styling products only when it is utmost necessary, as their use can result in falling of hair extensions.

6. Using Harsh Glues — if you use any harsh glues to stick your extensions to your hair, then this will damage not just the extensions but even the scalp. Using such glues can result in severe damage to the natural hair. It is therefore essential that you use glues that are proven to be safe and secured for the scalp. You can always ask for such products from a hair stylist or an expert. There is a range of such products available, and the experts suggest using only those products for the extension.

7. Using ‘Hot’ Hair Styling Products — Using hair styling iron, rollers, dryers, and other similar products can damage the extensions and make them frizzy. Such products have very high temperature, and instead of drying the extensions, they end up damaging them. Also, it is possible that they may result in bonding of synthetic glue to the natural hairs, which will worsen the situation. So, avoid using products with high temperature as if hair wigs get severely damaged, then it will be difficult to rejuvenate them.

8. Following an Unhealthy Diet — Diet to plays a pivotal role in managing your hair extensions. If you consume too much of oily food rich in fatty acids, then this will make your hair brittle and would leave it weak. Individuals using hair wigs are suggested to consume a diet rich in Omega-3, which is one of the important nutrients for the hair. Additionally, you may use a non-oily conditioner every day to keep your extensions hydrated.

9. Mold Growth — Just like a proper cleansing of hair extensions, the process of properly drying them is also of utmost importance. If you use or store improperly dried hair wigs, then this will leave them wet and result in high moisture content. In such case, molds grow on the surface of extensions. These molds are bacterial and fungal organisms, which are harmful not just for the extensions, but even for your head. So, make sure that your extensions dry properly, especially from the interior sections. If roots or weft are left wet, then this will lead to the high growth of mold.

Best cam girl sites: Ideal to Meet Your Soul Mate

Best cam girl sites: Ideal to Meet Your Soul Mate

Best cam girl sites: Ideal to Meet Your Soul Mate

Best cam girl sites: Ideal to Meet Your Soul Mate

Every person nowadays wants to devote their lifestyle to having best cam girl sites. It is a great sensation to get along with somebody who understands you better. Even so, finding that special person is hard. A lot of people struggle to find the best spouse. Thousands of online dating sites promise to provide you with the right assistance. Finding the best dating websites is rarely simple. Stopping loneliness will be the best explanation for most people. Greatest dating sites are a great program to defeat the feeling of boredom in your lifetime. You will find a better possibility of getting together with your ideal spouse on the internet.

Signing up for the best dating sites will unquestionably help you to finish your research. However, be sure to go with a reliable and authentic online dating web site. Choose the site that may be obvious, easy to use and supplies much better the navigation. The best cam girl sites may be the medium-sized by way of which you can talk to the other individual. You will find distinct residential areas on websites like these with hundreds or countless associates. Using this type of many members, it enhances the potential risk of choosing a suitable lover to start a relationship. You have the opportunity to interact with a bigger group to have connected. Registering with the most effective dating sites assures reliable providers to meet the perfect daily life partner.

There exists an increased portion of obtaining the proper go with for you. Together with the greatest dating sites, you are a click away in partnering on top of a perfect associate. There are men and women enthusiastic about you and wish to know you better. That is the best part of online dating sites.

Connection enables you to recognize one another from best cam girl sites

It is witnessed that most of the time is lost in building a special connection. The biochemistry can determine regardless of whether you could have a future together. Greatest dating websites will offer an incredible program for the 2 people to get the other.

Finest dating websites are excellent for folks seeking long-term connections. It is very important to make a decision just before looking out to find the best time. It is possible to browse through the profiles of folks on the website and get to know all their passions. It is possible to satisfy the people who have very similar interests and likeminded people too. This offers the proper chance of locating true love.

Free best dating websites can also have a great deal to supply if you don’t consider you want to make a monetary determination. The very best dating sites do not ask you for their services. Most will attempt to charge for locating matches or chatting with other people. Take care of the online dating sites simply because they could be rip-offs. Online dating services are considered the wave of the future and the volume of participants is always on the increase. A lot of people happen to be capable of finding the ideal companion from all of these online dating sites. So, with the correct quantity of research, it is feasible so that you can enjoy tremendous benefits.

A Guide to Buying sex shop Delicia Online

A Guide to Buying sex shop Delicia Online

A Guide to Buying sex shop Delicia Online

A Guide to Buying sex shop Delicia Online

One of many simplest ways from sex shop Delicia shopping online to turn up the temperature within the bedroom would be to try very little testing. There are many straightforward actions you can take to spruce issues up, even if you don’t must consider anything crazy.

Among the most effective to add a bit spice on the bedroom would be to put in a sexual intercourse plaything or accent. Experimenting with games can help any relationship within the love department. May play about the nerves too, however, picking the right inclusion simply cannot only be confusing. This is a brand new world, and you could feel unskilled and intimidated. Don’t allow this to stop you.

The first time you buy anything with this line might seem frightening. Some suggestions will make this as elementary as feasible for you.

Initial, get informed about exactly what is available at sexshop Delicia. You will find gender toys that come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are also massage grown-up, oils, and costumes online games that could add a new layer to the sex life. When you are acquainted with exactly what is out there, you will sense much comfier inside a grown-up shop. It may seem most people are looking at you when you get to the income with a product, nevertheless the men and women you will find all there for the very same reason.

Sexual intercourse playthings are certainly not as taboo since they could have been yrs ago. It is becoming more popular as the years complete. There are certainly such various things that one could buy that it feels like there exists something for all and every want. Odds are the pair lifestyle nearby or perhaps family and friends are utilizing some form of a toy in their sex-life.

You can find there for the same purpose from sex shop Delicia Online

Big cities and towns tend to have several different stores that you can select from. You can choose to depend on the inventory they carry or the area. You could always become anonymous if going into a store remains to be overwhelming. Online shopping can be your closest friend. There is the time to check out every product and definitely will get rid of the urge to get the first item and run to the money. Try to look for an internet site that includes an assortment of costs and supply and specializes in this area. Like all online shopping, be sure to go with a respected site.

One more thing to search for when shopping online for sex toys would be to choose a business that details discretion as one of their goals. You don’t want to have a package with red lettering stating the contents. Even worse, how will it be visible on your bank card statement? A lot of companies use labels for invoicing functions which do not indicate the type of obtain you will be creating.

Don’t be scared to walk into the local gender retailer. Make inquiries. Just before and will not judge you or feel you happen to be perverted, those who function in a store often hear every little thing. Rather, they can present you with a wealth of info, and show you how certain things work. Gender toys are common now. Go to the sex retail store together with your spouse. Make an effort to go occasionally when they seem to be significantly less jam-packed, possibly in the daytime, should you be stressed. Take a moment with your loved one and initiate hunting on the internet should you aren’t very willing to take that step. The anticipation going to be coming in the email might help to create the best established for any romantic evening hours.

Introducing Find Magic Wand Original at Cirilla’s

Find Magic Wand Original at Cirilla's

Magic Wand Original

Find Magic Wand Original at Cirilla’s into the bedroom can be difficult. You are happy with how you will do stuff, the same as cleaning recipes, you have your path of accomplishing you together with it never take into account change. It’s unexciting and tedious. Similarly, sex will become boring and tiresome. You must ask yourself, how can we put liven to our sexual partnership? In more recent instances, females have acquired far more intimate self-sufficiency and flexibility; they already have become more open to introducing sexual activity toys and games and props for master bedroom pleasures to create again the enthusiasm and to try their spouse.

Prior to deciding to hurry over to find the blindfolds and vibrators, Find Magic Wand Original at Cirilla’s in a position to honestly go over, with the spouse, the possibility of delivering toys and games into the master bedroom, although employing sexual intercourse toys and games from the bedroom during all those enthusiasms stuffed and romantic instances is absolutely nothing new. You also have to consider what kinds of sex sex toys you’d prefer to bring to your bedroom delights. Releasingsex toys can be a very sensitive issue for married couples to go over so getting available about what you will enjoy and which stuffed toy you’d want to present needs to be discussed and each of you has to be at ease with the agreement.

Get started with Find Magic Wand Original at Cirilla’s

You should be mindful of how to start a chat about sexual intercourse toys. Choose a period when you happen to be equally sensing secure and peaceful. You can begin by wondering your partner an open-ended issue about how precisely they feel about sexual activity games. Then, let your companion determine what your views are. In some instances, males may view it is a risk, but when you are offering reassurance the stuffed toy will be there to bring satisfaction to you both then fifty percent your fight is already won.

Describe your reasons for wanting to bring in sexual intercourse sex toys in your erotic romantic relationship. Regardless of whether it’s seeking a new challenge, or looking to place desire back to your connection, clarify your emotions. Usually make them aware of your motives and you are not questioning their ability to give you satisfaction, regardless of whether you’ve employed toys before for personal pleasure and today wish to provide your companion into the blend.

Looking for Gender Toys

There exists certainly an abundance of options in terms of picking gender games for those bedroom delights. This list is limitless but you really should define the options based on whatever you like. Together with the latest advancement of technology, sexual activity sex toys have grown to be far more sophisticated, attractive, high-class and a lot more effective so find the ones that can make you think that way. Begin with anything easy that both of you will feel at ease within case you have in no way employed a stuffed toy before. You can always, with a laterperiod, add to your variety of goodies to further increase your sex bedroom and closeness joys.

In addition to the sex toys, you could make consumption of therapeutic massage skin oils; creams and lubricants to further boost your experience. Delicious gels, lubricants, and lotion will also be extremely popular and you’ll find that they give an extremely delicate aspect in your intimate moments.









  • Late Night Memories by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Dee Laytner/Randy “Ryo” McLane
    RATING: NC-17
    WARNINGS: LEMON, YAOI content ahead, Character Death. You’ve been warned.
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Dee Laytner and Ryo McLane belong to the talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you don’t like depressing fics, you may not want to read this one. It wasn’t, however, meant to focus so much on Ryo’s death, as Dee’s remembering of their happier times together.
    SUMMARY: On a melancholy night, Dee mourns the loss of his partner, and celebrates the good times they had together. 
  • Lilah’s Fluff Fic Challenge by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Dee/Ryo
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, Fluff.
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Dee Laytner and Ryo McLane belong to the talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE:This fic was a challenge I wrote after traumatizing my friend Lilah with “Late Night Memories.” It was an interesting challenge to write and I loved every minute of it. Thanks, Lilah!
    SUMMARY: Thanksgiving’s coming, and everyone has plans! How will Ryo unite his family for the holiday? 
  • A Snowflake Falls in New York City by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Randy “Ryo” Mclane/Dee Laytner
    RATING: NC-17
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, Fluff, Role-Reversal.
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Dee Laytner and Ryo McLane belong to the talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: My first attempt at a role-reversal. All in all, I’m quite proud of it. The writing prompt was courtesy
    SUMMARY: As a snowstorm starts in NYC, Dee and Ryo decide to try something new. 
  • Sacred Bonds by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Drake Parker/JJ Adams
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, Fluff.
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Drake Parker, JJ Adams, Dee Laytner and Ryo McLane belong to the talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This piece was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t think much of this pair until I gave them more thought, and thus was this piece born. Enjoy!
    SUMMARY:Drake ponders over his relationship with JJ, both professional and otherwise. 
  • To Forgive Divine by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Dee Laytner/Randy “Ryo” McLane
    RATING: PG-13
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, Character Death. Angst, angst, and more angst. SPOILER ALERT!!! You’ve been warned.
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Dee Laytner and Ryo McLane belong to the talented and wonderful Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love this piece. I couldn’t help but be very disappointed with the abrupt way that FAKE ended, so I decided to give it a feeling of finality.
    SUMMARY: Post-manga. Ryo lays his past to rest, so he can look forward to the future. 
  • Ai Shiteru by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: FAKE
    PAIRING: Dee Laytner/Randy “Ryo” McLane
    WARNINGS: Character Death! Major Angst!
    DISCLAIMER: Don’t own ’em. They’re just renting out space in my head. All of the goodness that is FAKE belongs to Sanami Matoh.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Inspired by a fanfic I read, I decided to add my own two cents to this particular sub-genre of stories. Short and sweet, but I’m very, very pleased with it.
    SUMMARY: In the aftermath of 9/11, a city mourns. Especially one particular NYC detective. 
  • In Your Kiss by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: Angel Sanctuary
    PAIRING: Sakuya Kira/Katou Yue
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, may be disturbing to the faint of heart. SPOILER ALERT!!!
    DISCLAIMER: While the story idea is my own, Kira and Katou belong to Kaori Yuki.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I came up with this piece while listening to Shinedown’s song “.45” and just randomly writing as I listened. It’s a little odd, but I’m pretty darned pleased.
    SUMMARY: Katou Yue is haunted by dreams of a man he loves, but can’t remember. 
  • Mercy by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: Resident Evil: Zero
    PAIRING: Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers, implied
    WARNINGS: Contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. Not for the faint of heart. Alternate Universe Fic. CHARACTER DEATH!!!
    DISCLAIMER: Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers don’t belong to me. I wish Billy did. I really do…. *Ahem* >.> Anyway, both them and all things Resident Evil belong to Capcom.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This writing piece was completed during a Starbucks trip. In fetid darkness still to live and run was the writing prompt I used. This was what came of it. It’s a little odd in places, kinda blocky. But all in all, I’m extremely proud of how it turned out.
    SUMMARY: Billy’s been a guest of Umbrella. Rebecca deals with the consequences. 
  • Semper Fidelis by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: Resident Evil: Zero
    PAIRING: Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers, implied
    WARNINGS: Contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. Alternate Universe Fic. CHARACTER DEATH!!! DISCLAIMER: Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers don’t belong to me. I wish Billy did. I really do…. *Ahem* >.> Anyway, both them and all things Resident Evil belong to Capcom. David and John belong to the talented S.D. Perry.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: As before, this piece gnawed at me until I finally let it out. Not up to the standards of “Mercy” but I’m still very proud.
    SUMMARY: A sequel to Mercy, told from Rebecca’s point of view. A decision has been made, and action taken. Now, all that remains is to deal with what’s left. 
  • Pleading for a New Day by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: Resident Evil: Zero
    PAIRING: Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers, implied
    WARNINGS: Contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. Alternate Universe Fic. CHARACTER DEATH!!! DISCLAIMER: Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers don’t belong to me. I wish Billy did. I really do…. *Ahem* >.> Anyway, both them and all things Resident Evil belong to Capcom.
    Warning: Contain scenes of explicit violence and gore. Not for the faint of heart. Alternate Universe fic.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was another fic that began as a random writing prompt. The phrase I was given was pleading for a new day. All in all, I’m very pleased with the stream of consciousness feel of this one.
    SUMMARY: Billy Coen has been infected with the T-Virus. See how he copes. 
  • Soul Reaver, Reaver of Souls by C. RavenlockeFANDOM: Legacy of Kain: Defiance
    PAIRING: Kain/Raziel, implied
    WARNINGS: SPOILER ALERT!!! YAOI content ahead, though mild.
    DISCLAIMER: Kain and Raziel belong to Crystal Dynamics and Silicon Knights.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Originally written for a fic contest I entered, it’s the only Legacy of Kain fic I’ve ever done, and one that I’m extremely proud of it.
    SUMMARY: In the aftermath of Deception, Kain muses over his relationship with Raziel. 
  • Peace Knots by C. Ravenlocke & MishaelaFANDOM: Rurouni Kenshin
    PAIRING: Sanosuke Sagara/Kenshin Himura
    RATING: NC-17
    WARNINGS: YAOI content ahead, light bondage, PWP, LEMON
    DISCLAIMER: They don’t belong to us. They never did. More’s the pity. Don’t sue, you’ll only end up with overdue bills.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: One from the archives, one of my first yaoi fics when I started writing again. Originally appeared on the MYPML, where it was posted by Mishaela.
    SUMMARY: Kids + Kenshin + Ribbons = Good day for Sanosuke. 
  • Rescue Me by Reverend Coyote
    PAIRING: Dee Laytner/Randy “Ryo” McLane, VERY implied
    WARNINGS: Actually…none, really.
    DISCLAIMER: Dee and Ryo still belong to Sanami Matoh. The good Reverend just borrowed ’em for a bit.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: For all that this was a FAKE fic, there’s not a hint of yaoi content in it. It’s also one of the funniest fics I’ve read in a good long time. Thanks, Coyote, for letting me put this up!
    SUMMARY: Dee plays good cop, and gets invited to dinner. He’s about to find out that no good deed goes unpunished. 
  • That Great Love Sound by T Virus QueenFANDOM: Resident Evil: Zero
    PAIRING: Billy Coen/Rebecca Chambers
    RATING: NC-17
    WARNINGS: PWP, LEMON, Spoiler Alert!
    DISCLAIMER: Billy and Rebecca don’t belong to T Virus Queen. They don’t belong to me, either.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve been mentoring T Virus Queen with her writing, and she’s got a lot of potential. As a gift, she wrote this fic for me. Mostly raw and unbetaed, I wanted to put it up anyway, because it gives me a warm fuzzy.
    SUMMARY: Post-ResEvil:Zero. Billy and Rebecca say one final, lasting goodbye.